A Gentleman’s Manifesto – The Manager / Creative Director


Donovan Briggs – VII WINNERS

Creative Director of VII WINNERS, and Rome Castille’s Manager talks style with us. Briggs has been working closely with PSC for the past year and is set to drop a collection of pocket squares for PSC’s Floral Collection in the near future. This multi-part Editorial takes a closer look at several individuals so as to discover what style is to them and why they do what they do.

The Manager
The Manager is a natural hustler and strategist. Like a chess player, he is always two steps ahead. The manager nourishes, develops, and molds the artist. He is wise and experienced. His mind is sharp, his style impeccable. He keeps the artist an efficient well-oiled machine both on stage and off. The manager takes nothing, and makes something out of it. He is a watchdog, eternally loyal and fierce. The game is roulette, the artist the ball, and the manager, the invisible hand. 7 Winner.

The Overcoat
The overcoat’s utility is designed to repel against the cold and wet at its simplest essence. It’s culture today has evolved to that of a social body language. To put on an overcoat, the urban gentleman is saying “It’s time, I’m leaving,” and to remove his overcoat he is saying “I have arrived.” In a world of rapidity, the piece conveys movement while maintaining harmony with personality and the occasion for which it is intended for. A symbol of impeccable style at nature’s worst, a tailored fit is key.

What is Style?
Style is an assortment of things – the way you dress, walk, speak or do anything for that matter. To some it’s how one expresses themselves, style makes me who I am, it goes beyond fashion.

Why do you do what you do?
It’s simple, I just simply love art, being creative and creating. The art of music and fashion come together to define my being, this along with God and family make me the man you see today.

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