Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective

ART of The Groom

Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective. As conceptualized by Photographer Desi Beytan and Hovik of Modern LA Weddings. In collaboration with Pocket Square Clothing. Executive Produced by Utterly Engaged Magazine.

Often, wedding images and wedding editorial shoots focus so much on the bride and the bridesmaids – hair and makeup, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the bouquets, the highly popular bathrobe shots while getting ready. The groom’s experience is often treated as a sidenote. This editorial seeks to highlight this Groom experience with Sprezzatura as the stylistic approach.


foreign term sprez·za·tu·ra \sprāt-tsä-ˈtü-rä\

:  studied nonchalance :  perfect conduct or performance of something (as an artistic endeavor) without apparent effort

Sprezzatura is defined as “studied carelessness” and as a fashion concept for men it is a bold departure from traditional male wardrobe. It features vibrant colors, bold patterns, unexpected textures, and chic layering techniques. Men’s wedding fashion, for the most part is very meticulous and rigid. Aside from the occasional navy blue or grey tuxedo, alternatives to the classic black tuxedo are rarely seen.

The scene is set at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Sprezza 1 Sprezza 2 Sprezza 3 Sprezza 4 Sprezza 5 Sprezza 6 Sprezza 7 Sprezza 8 Sprezza 9 Sprezza 10 Sprezza 11 Sprezza 12 Sprezza 13 Sprezza 14 Sprezza 15 Sprezza 16 Sprezza 17 Sprezza 18 Sprezza 19 Sprezza 20 Sprezza 21 Sprezza 22 Sprezza 23 Sprezza 24 Sprezza 25 Sprezza 26 Sprezza 27 Sprezza 28 Sprezza 29 Sprezza 30 Sprezza 31 Sprezza 32 Sprezza 33 Sprezza 34 Sprezza 35 Sprezza 36 Sprezza 37 Sprezza 38 Sprezza 39 Sprezza 40 Sprezza 41 Sprezza 42 Sprezza 43 Sprezza 44 Sprezza 45 Sprezza 46 Sprezza 47 Sprezza 48 Sprezza 49 Sprezza 50 Sprezza 51 Sprezza 52 Sprezza 53 Sprezza 54 Sprezza 55 Sprezza 56 Sprezza 57 Sprezza 58 Sprezza 59 Sprezza 60




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  1. Kris - Reply

    April 21, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Who is the suit designer for this photo shoot? Excellent attire!

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