Random Citizens x PSC L.A.


Check out upcoming hip-hop artists Random Citizens. Meet Michael Rios aka Marvel the Gr8 (Frontman/Emcee/Songwriter), Brian Jefferson aka Brian Polar (Producer/Composer/Songwriter), Danny Parra (DJ), and Brain Vazifdar (Drummer/Songwriter). Fresh out of LMU, they’re all about creating a collective of Random Citizens from all walks of life and producing music together. We met these guys at USC Springfest 2011 during our first attempts to reach out to recording artists. Random Citizens was the first to hit us back for a collaboration. They name their style as “open ended,” but their latest album Hitchhiker’s Guide To Insanity has a bit of a mix of Party/Alternative/Hiphop.

We had a chance to sit down with them this past week to pick their brains. Find out more who these guys are, how they started, and where they’re headed. Check it out:

Catch them live at 4th and B in San Diego this October 20th and at the Key Club in Hollywood this November 25th. They’re about bringing a party aspect into hip hop shows, and keeping it fresh and fun. Stay tuned for Mike’s upcoming EP and mixtape, Brian Polar’s debut Parites and Dreams, and upcoming collaborations.

Don’t forget to download their free album Hitchhiker’s Guide to Insanity

Listen to a few of their songs here:

No Time For Sleep

On the Up and up (Feat Doc-P)

Thought of You

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