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The Satori

The Satori

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Floral Collection
Pocket Square
Multi-Colored Floral Print
11″ x 11″

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

  • Description

    Product Description

    Floral Collection

    Our Floral Collection is composed of distinctively patterned pieces. The prints, as the name suggests, are primarily floral, with a few tropical elements. The fabric selection ranges from cotton to canvas, in bright and understated colors alike.

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    1. out of 5


      Yay! It’s the girls! You really mnaage to capture so much with Satori’s I’m putting up with you so long as I get what I want looks. That and I love the one where your husband is working with the cat on his shoulder. Every time I see it, all I can think is that she’s backseat driving him. No, clearly that’s an eggshell blue. You need something more silver.

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