Style as Destiny – Donovan Briggs


Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s Style as destiny comes to an affirmative conclusion that style can only emerge through a process of authenticity, only then is one’s destiny revealed. This first of a three part video editorial features VII WINNERS‘ Creative Director Donovan Briggs. Set in the heart of South Los Angeles, a man of style emerges undeterred from his surroundings, he has embraced his gentlemanly attire.

“Style as destiny. Style was never discussed when I was a student. There was a vague sense that genuine style emerged unconsciously in its own time, like breasts or facial hair. Trying too hard would derail the process and result in something less than authentic. What a wonderful promise: within each of us is a unique voice that will reveal itself, but only through patience and practice. Use the force, Luke. Do or do not, there is no try.”

Michael Bierut

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