Style as Uniform – Rome Castille


Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s style as uniform speaks to the oxymoron man, in this case, a man who wears suits but pairs them with caps. This man is a rapper and singer yet he wears suits, he likes looking fancy. Who is this man? This second of a three part video editorial features a man of style and grace, a man of swagger. He wears his uniform proudly; he is a revolutionary man, he is VII WINNERS’ Rome Castille. Set in the heart of South Los Angeles, a man of style emerges undeterred from his surroundings, he has embraced his gentlemanly attire.

“Style as uniform. Charles Baudelaire: “Dress like a bourgeoisie, think like a revolutionary.””

-Michael Bierut

Featured Music: Toy Light

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