PSCNY: The Documentary of a Dream


A lot has happened since last year, much was learned and much is to be expected this year. We’ve been hit up by a number of countries including Japan, South Korea, Canada, and several others in Europe. Future collaborations and new collections are also being thrown into the mix. The attention we’ve been getting has been phenomenal across all boards, we’ve been super busy as of late. With a healthy base here in LA, PSC’s second largest following is based opposite of the Mississippi in New York and New Jersey. We figured it was time to spread our wings and head out there to see what all the fuss over in NY was about. Check out our latest video entitled “The Documentary of a Dream,” which we’ve tailored to showcase our Cali swag.

New York is the breeding ground for a number of designers the majority of the world has come to know today, with new designers emerging every year. Like the rest of them, we looked to hustle our way through NYC’s fashion scene in an attempt to make in America. With only a week to spare, we were on our feet from dawn to dusk as we made our way through the city in freezing weather. Lets just say we chapped in places we never thought possible. We were constantly on the move; at one moment we were in Queens, and by the next hour we were on our way through Hoboken, New Jersey.


New York was both the expected and unexpected. We traveled with the notion that we could find a place where all the cool people kicked it… hahah, we were quite mistaken. Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn seemed to be less boutique dense than we had hoped but was certainly a great learning experience. We’ve come back with a greater understanding of the NY fashion scene, street and blogger culture, and the geography and demographics of the area. We had a chance to meet interesting faces, make new fans, and eat and drink great food with old friends while soaking in the East Coast. It’s a different feel than LA, but we certainly enjoyed being there. If anything is certain, it is that we came back with some swagged out fabrics. Peep game as they will be released in short bursts.




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