VANGUARD – Los Angeles Athletic Club

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1. 1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) was the city’s first private club. Founded in 1880, when Los Angeles was a town of only 11,00 people and the preferred mode of travel was the stagecoach, LAAC joined a downtown core of businesses that included saloons and shooting galleries. Forty prominent Angelenos, sons of pioneers, adventurers and athletes all, gathered in Frank Gibson’s law office to create an American style club for the “best young men” of the community.

As a Vanguard in its own right and neighbors to our Flagship Store , The Los Angeles Athletic Club served as the perfect setting capturing some of Los Angeles’ most influential menswear personalities. A few years removed from our original Vanguard series, the menswear community remains intact, some old and some new faces emerge.

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