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VANGUARD – Los Angeles Athletic Club

van·guard /ˈvanˌgärd/ noun 1. 1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas. The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) was the city’s first private club. Founded

Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective

Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective. As conceptualized by Photographer Desi Beytan and Hovik of Modern LA Weddings. In collaboration with Pocket Square Clothing. Executive Produced by Utterly Engaged Magazine. Often, wedding images and wedding editorial shoots focus

Mark Nason x Skechers

Mark Nason LA. X Skechers – Our Creative Director took their collaboration for a spin. West Coast cool style is combined with the ultimate comfort provided by SKECHERS Memory Foam inserts and premium leather uppers. The clean aesthetics make them

VANGUARD – Los Angeles Menswear

van·guard /ˈvanˌgärd/ noun  1.    1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas. Set in rural Los Angeles, a group of creative minds come together. A

Vertigo Wedding

List of Vendors: Event Space and Designer: Vertigo Event Venue // @vertigoeventvenue // Videographer/Photographer: Chris and Rich Yodsukar// @christineyodsukar // Furniture Rentals: Michael Antonia // @yeahrentals // Tabletop Rentals: Cassandra Stearns  // @borrowedblu // Backdrop Design:

L.A. Menswear in Motion

For years, we have been building relationships with stylists, bloggers, recording artists, designers, and creatives alike. You may recognize some old faces and are sure to find new ones. These images capture a series of moments shared by a collective


We partnered with the gentlemen at Durimel (Jalan and Jibril) on their latest feature for American Lookbook Magazine. This was the result. The fashion forward duo show you how to style our newest addition of floral ties.

Style As Trademark

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look to two Georgian natives, Norris Ford and Quentin Thrash (NorrisxThrash). History echos in the forefront of Downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet. Their vibrancy in dress are juxtaposed

Editor’s Picks: May

Sartorialist: A sartorial mix of traditional undertones with camo and floral prints achieve a well balanced look fit for any occasion. Featuring the NATO tie and Melrose pocket square.

Editor’s Picks: April

Collegiate: Tailored staples for the classic enthusiast. Featuring The Winchester Tie and The Molotov Pocket Square\

Style as Rebellion – The Durimels

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we return for a long awaited third installment featuring the The Durimels, Jibril and Jalan. We diverge from our original three part series to further explore Style as Inventory. Set in the

Editor’s Picks: March

Dignitary: Tailored staples for the classic enthusiast. Featuring The Diplomat Tie and The Ellington Pocket Square Military: A pick for the refined gentleman not afraid to don pink. This outfit combines textural undertones and camouflage print to achieve a well

PSC Giveaway

In collaboration with our friends at VII Winners and Rome Castille, we would like to give our fans the opportunity to build on their PSC wardrobe. We are hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive the entire Rome Castille collection, a $125 value. Continue reading

Style as Uniform – Rome Castille

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s style as uniform speaks to the oxymoron man, in this case, a man who wears suits but

Punctilio Project – A Closer Look

Meet Andre Power. The team had the pleasure of meeting him at his Steez Trunk Show event in San Diego, CA last month. Power is an emerging force in San Diego and is largely responsible for bringing the underground art

Style as Destiny – Donovan Briggs

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s Style as destiny comes to an affirmative conclusion that style can only emerge through a process of authenticity,

Yin & Yang – A Meeting of Creatives

A Meeting Of Creatives This summer we had the chance to meet with Niran from London based blog Yin & Yang and SoCal based style bloggers Unyime Akpanudosen and Jonathan Barcelon of Expressions Realia, along with their photographer Thom Do.

A Gentleman’s Manifesto – The Recording Artist

Rome Castille – VII WINNERS VII WINNERS Recording Artist Rome Castille is no new face for the brand, his collection with PSC has been a big hit and the collaboration between the brands continue. This multi-part Editorial takes a closer

The Summer Collection Imagery – A Closer Look

The Summer Collection Mixtape – Rome Castille The Summer Collection is a 19 track mixtape, including 2 bonus tracks. The collection is a well thought out summer essential that is sure to transition well into your fall playlist. Among several, the mixtape

Rome Castille Collection – Editorial

Designed for Pocket Square Clothing, the Rome Castille Collection is a manifestation of several collaborations. As his first fashion collaboration, Rome sought to use his style and energy to define the collection’s feel and color palette. In the collection you

Rome in a Day

A lot of exciting things are happening here at PSC and our collaboration with Rome Castille is one of them. The past couple weeks we’ve been working with Rome to produce a series of videos entitled “Rome in a Day”

PSCNY: The Documentary of a Dream

A lot has happened since last year, much was learned and much is to be expected this year. We’ve been hit up by a number of countries including Japan, South Korea, Canada, and several others in Europe. Future collaborations and

Klein Epstein & Parker Editorial

Last week Rodolfo and I had the chance to collaborate with Klein Epstein & Parker on a photo shoot. KEP recently opened their first store on Robertson Blvd. They specialize in custom made to measure garments, but also offer a

SixHundred Los Angeles – Made in America

We visit Sixhundred for an exclusive interview. The boutique has been open for only 11 months and is located in the heart Downtown Los Angeles, a few steps away from shops, restaurants, and night life of the Art and Fashion

Limited Edition Bow Tie: The Strategist

As a celebration of our official website launch, we’re releasing our special limited edition bow tie: The Strategist! It will be available on our online shop for $60 and comes with a customized commemorative piece. We have a very small