PSC Packaging Spotlight – Made in America


We’re putting a spotlight on PSC’s packaging! Most of you know that our tagline has been Handcrafted in the USA -But we don’t just mean our bow ties, we mean everything including our packaging. We design and hand-make all our products, art pieces, and packaging in house. This is more or less the process through which our boxes are created.


Our packaging is vintage inspired. We went with a rigid design using high quality pulp modeling paper boards to give our packaging a solid yet textured feel. Something about an off white package just screamed Pocket Square Clothing. It’s simplicity screamed class and let the bow tie do the talking. The box’s sole purpose is to serve as a nostalgic keepsake and place to store the bow tie when not in use. The boxes and inserts are printed and then all individually hand-cut. In order to actually fold and glue the boxes, Rodolfo engineered a simple machine that allows for the magic of box making happen.


We get asked why we don’t manufacture our packaging overseas to lower our costs? Well, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. We pay close attention to the quality and detail of all our products. The material is hand-picked and custom designed to our specifications, something that manufactures have had a difficult time mimicking. Sometimes we even get mistaken for a packaging company.

With that said, we do want to keep all our products Made in America. Although that means more effort, more time, and more expensive, you can sure bet yourself that you’re going to get high quality and handcrafted out of it. Each one of these boxes have a story to tell from when they were first made to when they reach your doorstep.

(Hand-cut inserts used to hold the bow tie, finished with an embossed name of the bow tie.)



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