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The Derbyshire

The Derbyshire

SKU: 23016

Workwear Collection
Black & White Checks
Cotton Blend
3″ at widest point

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

  • Description

    Product Description

    Crafted by hand in downtown LA, this Beau by PSC micro-striped tie exudes the brand’s quality and flair. Made from soft cotton with a slub effect and full lining, contrast this piece with a subtly-patterned shirt for a contemporary finish.

    Workwear Collection

    The heritage inspired Workwear Collection draws from traditional English design. Its classic narrow silhouette gives each piece a modern and tailored fit. The collection is made up of vintage silks and tweeds, perfect for the working man. Each piece is an ode to everyday gentlemen.

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      Another interesting oevbrsation about his talk’ and the other talk. His talk basically boils down to if you know nothing else, you’re statistically better off avoiding inner city black neighborhoods. Beyond that the average don’t help you much since the range of human diversity is too large and too overlapping to make useful individual judgements based on race. Again Chris Rock told liberals this almost 20 years ago. What I notice he is missing is his talk’ is largely about problems that whites can and do easily avoid. Yes I suppose you can imagine stories about taking the wrong turn in some city you’re unfamiliar with and at that momen your car breaks down in the seediest place you ever seen, but for the most part whites can easily avoid the dangers he discusses unless they have a drug problem which demands they do business on inner city streets.The problem on the other side of the talk’ is that there is no escape. Yes perhaps at something like the Million Man March, a black person can feel relatively comfortable he isn’t going to get hassled by cops or presumed to be a criminal, but in everyday life the problem manifests itself. The presumption of being wrong or bad unless one purposefully puts on effort to look like a prep school boy is not a wrong turn into the unfamiliar part of the city’ but everyday life. I think the issue over the Martin affair has such power because it touches this nerve. The mental image of the kid being aware that he was being followed by a strange man and unsure what to do .dammed if he did or didn’t .run and you look like you’re trying to get away from a crime, stand and it looks like you’re trying to be a gangster.Derb. would have perhaps touched upon something interesting if he could have made the leap to connect his talk’ as just a mirror image of the other talk he was trying to parady and mock. Unfortunately conservatives are only capable of getting psychological’ about bias when they are talking about so-called media bias.

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