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The Kamil

The Kamil

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Floral Collection
Skinny Tie
Multi color silk
2″ at widest point

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

  • Description

    Product Description

    Floral Collection

    Our Floral Collection is composed of distinctively patterned pieces. The prints, as the name suggests, are primarily floral, with a few tropical elements. The fabric selection ranges from cotton to canvas, in bright and understated colors alike.

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      Back in school, I’m doing so much legnirna.

    2. out of 5


      Lol. I melted the ice off my boots, but I don’t rebmmeer throwing e breaker I was afraid I would!! I recall running extension cords to the parks Christmas tree light outlets!

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      I have problems devinopelg an unequivocal position on the free access’ issue. Being retired but still productive, I have made my work as accessible as possible, but why do I have to pay for marketing’, for example, so that people who then make commercial use and profit from it can get it for free?On the issue of reputation’, I have been working on an approach to the more systematic and transparent evaluation of the arguments we use in planning and policy-making (the pros & cons’ about proposals) that can also be used to build up planning discourse credits’ based on people’s assessment of the plausibility and significance (weight’ or merit of arguments) of their contributions. It may be useful to develop more meaningful measures or indicators of reputation as well. The argument assessment article The Structure and Evaluation of Planning Arguments appeared in the Informal Logic journal December 2010. I am working on a kind of argumentative planning game using that approach to reward participants for their contributions, aiming not only on players’ winning’ by getting more points than others but also based on the overall quality of the solutions achieved (which is assessed by all the players). If the resolution of the free access to information lies i the issue of fair rewards for the producers of the information, these ideas might help getting there.

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