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The Merrow

The Merrow

SKU: 11030

Classic Collection
Pocket Square
Blue Piping
11″ x 11″

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

  • Description

    Product Description

    Classic Collection

    The Classic Collection’s pieces are the cornerstone of PSC’s design aesthetic. Constructed in a variety of fabrics (including wools, cottons, and silks) and original patterns, these Classic items are cleverly nuanced, but always elegant.

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    1. out of 5


      Hi Heidi! *makes mental note to email Heidi like I was s’posed to about that thing I teklad to Heidi about* Was that your biker guy? Man I LOVED that story!!! Must dig it out again for another read I’d forgotten there was skinny dipping in that book how in heck did I forget THAT?! By a pool wasn’t it? I’m glad the story behind this one sounds intriguing. It’s one of those books that reminded me of why it is I love being a panster (most of the time). There were parts of this story that completely caught me off-guard and kept me tied to the keyboard as they unfolded. I LOVE IT when that happens. But there are times I could do with a little more plotting and have to step away and reassess where I’m going, y’know? After taking a break from this latest one I’ve come back to it with fresher eyes. It’s proved not to be as much of a disaster as I remembered it being

    2. out of 5


      With pre-k pgorrams and after-school pgorrams being cut, it makes sense that the money should go to Rhee. I have never shopped at Wal-Mart and I say that with pride I remember when Walmart blackmailed other companies like Rubbermaid when they told them they would no longer carry their products if they were sold in competing stores and some of these were mom and pop owned shops. They wanted and succeeded in destroying small business owners while duping local leaders to take them in on the taxpayer’s dime. That’s how you spell SUCCESS in this country. But what’s really sad is they now have small business owners believing that they are their savior. I really hope Obama has nightmares about Rhee because she will use that money to destroy whatever good is left in the Democratic party.

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