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The Oldham

The Oldham

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Workwear Collection
Grey and Black
3″ at widest point

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

  • Description

    Product Description

    This Beau by PSC limited edition tie features a superb wool and exudes quality and flair. The plaid-pattern is elegantly tactile and balances sophistication with a subversive motif. Wear this slim-cut piece by day with a short-collared shirt to exude contemporary suave.

    Workwear Collection

    The heritage inspired Workwear Collection draws from traditional English design. Its classic narrow silhouette gives each piece a modern and tailored fit. The collection is made up of vintage silks and tweeds, perfect for the working man. Each piece is an ode to everyday gentlemen.

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      OTC-I love this post. Admittedly I just discovered your blog and have qclukiy become a big fan. I agree with your point. There is a strange dichotomy regarding elitism. As an example, I earned my M.A. from Columbia Univ. yet I am very careful how I share that information. On the one hand I am very proud of my achievement, but I fear sharing that information can be misconstrued as expressing some kind of privileged elitism (the pejorative connotation as mentioned in your blog).

    2. out of 5


      Just saw War Horse in our local small theater last night. I don’t feel elrdely, but at 63 I probably qualify. I did like the movie, but did not love it. Towards the bottom of Spielberg’s list, although nothing is worse than The Goonies. (I know, I know, it has many fans.) An interesting movie with plenty of poignant scenes and beautiful photography, but a little long and labored and hard to escape the sense of emotional manipulation. I like some of the more obvious scenes, such as the English-German detente during the barbed wire rescue in the middle of that pockmarked landscape and two front-lines within yards of each other. Or the episode with the young French girl, a real scene stealer, who is just evaporated in the film’s denouement. Far from a Best Picture contender, but worth a look. Barely.

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