VANGUARD – Los Angeles Athletic Club




1. 1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) was the city’s first private club. Founded in 1880, when Los Angeles was a town of only 11,00 people and the preferred mode of travel was the stagecoach, LAAC joined a downtown core of businesses that included saloons and shooting galleries. Forty prominent Angelenos, sons of pioneers, adventurers and athletes all, gathered in Frank Gibson’s law office to create an American style club for the “best young men” of the community.

As a Vanguard in its own right and neighbors to our Flagship Store , The Los Angeles Athletic Club served as the perfect setting capturing some of Los Angeles’ most influential menswear personalities. A few years removed from our original Vanguard series, the menswear community remains intact, some old and some new faces emerge.

Vanguard 1Vanguard Editorial 2Vanguard Editorial 3Vanguard Editorial 4Vanguard Editorial 5Vanguard Editorial 7Vanguard Editorial 8Vanguard Editorial 9Vanguard Editorial 10Vanguard Editorial 11Vanguard Editorial 12Vanguard Editorial 13Vanguard Editorial 14Vanguard Editorial 15Vanguard Editorial 16Vanguard Editorial 17

Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective

Art of the Groom – A Groom’s Perspective. As conceptualized by Photographer Desi Beytan and Hovik of Modern LA Weddings. In collaboration with Pocket Square Clothing. Executive Produced by Utterly Engaged Magazine.

Often, wedding images and wedding editorial shoots focus so much on the bride and the bridesmaids – hair and makeup, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the bouquets, the highly popular bathrobe shots while getting ready. The groom’s experience is often treated as a sidenote. This editorial seeks to highlight this Groom experience with Sprezzatura as the stylistic approach.


foreign term sprez·za·tu·ra \sprāt-tsä-ˈtü-rä\

:  studied nonchalance :  perfect conduct or performance of something (as an artistic endeavor) without apparent effort

Sprezzatura is defined as “studied carelessness” and as a fashion concept for men it is a bold departure from traditional male wardrobe. It features vibrant colors, bold patterns, unexpected textures, and chic layering techniques. Men’s wedding fashion, for the most part is very meticulous and rigid. Aside from the occasional navy blue or grey tuxedo, alternatives to the classic black tuxedo are rarely seen.

The scene is set at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Sprezza 1 Sprezza 2 Sprezza 3 Sprezza 4 Sprezza 5 Sprezza 6 Sprezza 7 Sprezza 8 Sprezza 9 Sprezza 10 Sprezza 11 Sprezza 12 Sprezza 13 Sprezza 14 Sprezza 15 Sprezza 16 Sprezza 17 Sprezza 18 Sprezza 19 Sprezza 20 Sprezza 21 Sprezza 22 Sprezza 23 Sprezza 24 Sprezza 25 Sprezza 26 Sprezza 27 Sprezza 28 Sprezza 29 Sprezza 30 Sprezza 31 Sprezza 32 Sprezza 33 Sprezza 34 Sprezza 35 Sprezza 36 Sprezza 37 Sprezza 38 Sprezza 39 Sprezza 40 Sprezza 41 Sprezza 42 Sprezza 43 Sprezza 44 Sprezza 45 Sprezza 46 Sprezza 47 Sprezza 48 Sprezza 49 Sprezza 50 Sprezza 51 Sprezza 52 Sprezza 53 Sprezza 54 Sprezza 55 Sprezza 56 Sprezza 57 Sprezza 58 Sprezza 59 Sprezza 60




Mark Nason x Skechers

Mark Nason LA. X Skechers – Our Creative Director took their collaboration for a spin. West Coast cool style is combined with the ultimate comfort provided by SKECHERS Memory Foam inserts and premium leather uppers. The clean aesthetics make them perfect for the PSC man. For more from their collaborative efforts visit: #SKECHERSstyle

Twitter: @skechersusa
Instagram: @skechers

Mark Nason x Sketchers

Sketchers x Mark Nason 2

Sketchers x Mark Nason 3

Sketchers x Mark Nason 4

Sketchers x Mark Nason 5

Sketchers x Mark Nason 6

Sketchers x Mark Nason 7

Sketchers x Mark Nason 8

Sketchers x Mark Nason 9

VANGUARD – Los Angeles Menswear




 1.    1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.

Set in rural Los Angeles, a group of creative minds come together. A Vanguard if you will. Each from our own respective crafts, we are drawn to the same common interest in uniting the menswear landscape. In a moment of sincerity and camaraderie we looked to capture our personal style in an unfamiliar setting. There has been an undeniable and inevitable shift in men’s culture. Vanguard captures our desire to forge new beginnings. This is the new menswear landscape in Los Angeles.

Vanguard 1 Vanguard 2 Vanguard 3 Vanguard 4 Vanguard 5 Vanguard 6 Vanguard 7 Vanguard 8 Vanguard 9 Vanguard 10 Vanguard 11 Vanguard 12 Vanguard 13 Vanguard 14 Vanguard 15 Vanguard 16 Vanguard 16a Vanguard 16b Vanguard 17 Vanguard 18 Vanguard 19 Vanguard 21 Vanguard 22 Vanguard 23 Vanguard 24 Vanguard 25 Vanguard 26


Vertigo Wedding

Vertigo x PSC Wedding 1 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 2 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 3 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 4 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 5 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 6 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 7 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 8 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 9 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 11 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 12 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 13 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 14 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 15 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 16 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 17 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 18 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 19 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 20 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 21 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 22 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 23 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 24 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 25 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 26 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 28 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 29 Vertigo x PSC Wedding 30
List of Vendors:
Event Space and Designer: Vertigo Event Venue // @vertigoeventvenue //
Videographer/Photographer: Chris and Rich Yodsukar// @christineyodsukar //
Furniture Rentals: Michael Antonia // @yeahrentals //
Tabletop Rentals: Cassandra Stearns  // @borrowedblu //
Backdrop Design: Marlina Saakian Hall // @bragdesigns //
Women’s Dresses: Walter Mendez  // @waltercollection //
Women’s Temporary Tattoo: Julia Shema  // @goldinktattoo //
Men’s Tux: Evan Goodwin // @friartux //
Men’s Watch: Levi Maestro // Becomb //
Men’s Accessories: Rodolfo and Andrew  // @pocketsquareclothing //
Sunglasses: Gavin Lura  // @lurabrand //
Female Model: Hannah Elder  // @twothirtyfive //
Male Model: Rob Zumaya  // @heartthrobrob //
Hair and Make Up  Arax Gevorgyan  // @glamourax
Florist:  Gilly  // @gilly_flowers //

L.A. Menswear in Motion

For years, we have been building relationships with stylists, bloggers, recording artists, designers, and creatives alike. You may recognize some old faces and are sure to find new ones. These images capture a series of moments shared by a collective of creatives that make up a portion of the Los Angeles Menswear movements as we take a stroll through Downtown Los Angeles.




























































Featured: Norris Ford, Quentin Thrash, Norris x Thrash, Donovan Briggs, Rome Castille, The Gentleman Alphonse, Francis Kenneth, Wylie Fresne, Born and Raised, Eric Lloyd, Andrew Cheung, and Rodolfo Ramirez.

Photographer: Travis Kaenel Photography


We partnered with the gentlemen at Durimel (Jalan and Jibril) on their latest feature for American Lookbook Magazine. This was the result. The fashion forward duo show you how to style our newest addition of floral ties.

Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-1Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-2Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-3Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-4Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-5Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-6Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-7Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-8Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-9Durimel-x-Lookbook-Magazine-10BUNCH Magazine feature

Rodolfo Ramirez + Andrew Cheung Go Fashionably Forward | Rising Stars | Interview



Rodolfo Ramirez + Andrew Cheung Go Fashionably Forward

Interview by: Eugene S. Robinson

Because looking good is probably the first big step toward being good looking.

If you’re even going to come close to looking cool, it’s going to start with the small touches. A set of cuff links, a tie clip, a scarf and — for Los Angelenos and USC grads Rodolfo Ramirez and Andrew Cheung — a pocket square.

“We were enamored by the symbolism of the modern-day pocket square,” said Ramirez. ”It’s an iconic piece that serves not only as an accent to your outfit, but also as a powerful statement of who you are.”

Specifically: someone who cares enough about how things look to take care when assembling a look.

A consumer can take a chance with an accessory, and grow into a more sartorially savvy — and loyal — customer.

When Ramirez and Cheung, both 25, decided to peel off from careers in architectural design and business and film, respectively, to become clothing designers, neither had any background in fashion. “We started Pocket Square Clothing three years ago as a vehicle to explore our own individual styles,” said Cheung. “What you see is very much reflective of who we are personally.” That commitment to distinctive individuality has won them some big fans: NBA notables like Mike Conley, Matt Barnes and top NBA draft pick Andrew Wiggins.

ESPN Magazine – Joel Embiid

The company specializes in that cherry-on-the-outfit topping, the pocket square. The just-right dash of color in a man’s left breast pocket, the square (really just a folded handkerchief, but one that you’ll be laughed out of the club for actually using for something as gauche as blowing your nose) is right up there with the tie — the thing you’ll notice most when approaching a killer suit and the man wearing it.

“We actually started with bow ties first, because that’s what we were interested in designing,” Ramirez said, “[and then] we introduced skinny ties a bit later, and pocket squares were the third piece to come along.”

It’s a far cry from how they looked back when they were roommates in college, wearing “the standard shirt or sweatshirt with a pair of shorts or jeans,” Ramirez said. “But there was always a shared interest in clothing, and we were always looking to improve the way we personally dressed.”

What we see now when we take a gander at what they’ve wrought?

Boldly quirky collections of ties, bow ties and pocket squares played out over wool, cotton and silk, along with linen, corduroy, denim and canvas. They’re influenced by everyone from fashion retailer Nick Wooster to Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs.

The duo deliberately chose Los Angeles instead of the fashion epicenter of New York City to set up shop, making local flavor part of the package. Since 2011, Ramirez and Cheung’s vision has been about aligning inner communities of creatives (musicians, designers, artists), outer communities of structural folks (manufacturers) and the intended audience of consumers and lifestyle agents (stylists, costume designers and anyone fashionably fabulous). “We kept seeing time and time again that the market didn’t offer the fashion pieces we wanted,” said Cheung. “So we took matters into our own hands and made it a mission to make it ourselves.”

Our vision for the brand has always been to become a style destination for talented gentlemen who care about the way they look.

It’s a passion that’s put them in over 60 retailers worldwide — mostly boutiques but, notably, in the Nordstrom gift collection this past holiday season. “Our sales growth has been double or more every year,” Cheung said. “Next year, we’re projecting that our growth will hit anywhere between half a million to a million in sales. And one of the greatest things about fashion is that it’s a global language. The international community has really taken a liking to our brand. At least a third of our customers are from a different country.”

“It’s no accident that Ralph Lauren built his empire starting with ties,” says Mick Edwards, a former interior designer at Ralph Lauren and a Los Angeles stylist. “A small but highly visible accessory starts the conversation that builds the brand, and it allows for the possibility of recoverable missteps: A pocket square in a too-bold color or fabric comes at a price point that allows it to find an audience.” Which is to say that a consumer can take a chance with an accessory, and grow into a more sartorially savvy — and loyal — customer for the brand.


And it’s all about loyalty these days, even though — according to industry analysts at IBISWorld — the online designer clothing industry “is highly fragmented and has a low market-share concentration.” The fact that the top three market leaders have only 27 percent of a market that’s seen industry revenue grow at an average annual rate of 2.1% to $9.6 billion during the past five years means the sky is really the limit.

That’s the good news.

The bad news? The space is getting crowded, with the number of industry firms growing at a “6.3% annualized rate from 2008 to 2013, to about 1,982.”

“Look, we’re not trying to reinvent menswear or chase trends,” Cheung said. “And there’s always going to be smarter and brighter people bringing better ideas and designs forward every year.” But the sine qua non that makes PSC different, at least in Cheung’s mind, is that “we’re not trying to sell a product, but rather an idea that people want to be a part of.”

Which is partly design, aesthetics, tailoring, interesting fabrics and a real connection with the local community either via their involvement with The Blazers, a nonprofit providing mentorship programs for inner city kids from South Los Angeles, or just by keeping their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening around them.

Because at this point, it’s really “our customers who dictate the demand for our products and what we would offer next,” Cheung wound up. And what the people are demanding this fall season? “Men’s shirts and socks. Then tie bars and lapel pins.”

Which is probably the smartest thing that Ramirez and Cheung have done yet, according to Edwards. “Making a mistake with a larger, expensive, structured item like a blazer or a suit can ruin a company before its second season.”

“The goal within the next few years is to develop a full clothing collection and eventually open up a flagship brick-and-mortar, since our vision for the brand has always been to become a style destination for talented gentlemen who care about the way they look,” Ramirez closed.

“But who knows what we might get into next?”


Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look to a creative, Eric Lloyd. Multitalented, his skills are represented and embodied by his art. Art that bleeds from the core and represented in textures, prints, emotional nuances and movements. A sense of exoticism is ever present. He does not belong, yet he does belong; he proclaims ownership over his surrounding. In faith one succumbs to emotions, desires and embodiment of self. Self that is powerful in conviction. Others may not believe, but that does not mean it is not there. This is Style as Faith.
“What matters most is believing it”PSC Style As Faith - 1

PSC Style As Faith - 2
PSC Style As Faith - 3
PSC Style As Faith - 4
PSC Style As Faith - 5PSC Style As Faith - 6
PSC Style As Faith - 7

Style As Trademark

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look to two Georgian natives, Norris Ford and Quentin Thrash (NorrisxThrash). History echos in the forefront of Downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet. Their vibrancy in dress are juxtaposed against the once iconic trademark of Los Angeles. These stylists exhibit a masterful control over color, texture, and print. They are tastemakers, ready to take what is rightfully theirs. Their movements are effortless only to be augmented by their meticulous nuances from grooming to posture. For Norris and Thrash, style and tastes are what define them; their trademark. This is Style as Trademark.


“You can identify an Emily Dickenson poem by the punctuation alone. There is an entire profession called “forensic linguistics;” its specialists can authenticate a Shakespeare sonnet or derive a criminal profile from a ransom note. What evidence are you leaving behind?”

-Michael Bierut













Editor’s Picks: May



A sartorial mix of traditional undertones with camo and floral prints achieve a well balanced look fit for any occasion. Featuring the NATO tie and Melrose pocket square.



Style as Rebellion – The Durimels

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we return for a long awaited third installment featuring the The Durimels, Jibril and Jalan. We diverge from our original three part series to further explore Style as Inventory. Set in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, two brothers don floral textures and materiality shaped by masculine silhouettes. These gentleman emerge appearing as polar opposites yet are paralleled by their complementary pieces. Looking through Beirut’s lens, we find ourselves searching for the stylistic qualities these two fashion bloggers have. They are free from the confines of habitual design to delve into the philosophies of experimentation, re-purposing, and anti-style. They are style rebels.

“How to break out. If you’re right handed, draw with your left hand. Determine the most sensible, practical thing to do, and then do the exact opposite. Pick a color at random. Force yourself to use the typeface you hate the most. Take on a problem that you’ve never faced before. Overturn the game board and make up new rules based on where the pieces fall.”

-Michael Bierut

PSC Style as Rebellion 1
Paris born, the duo have traveled across the Atlantic to make their statement here in Los Angeles.

We are hosting another giveaway in collaboration with The Durimels. TWO lucky entrants will have the opportunity to each win three pieces featured in this editorial. The Giveaway includes:

1. Honey Dew Ice Cream Tie
2. The Antoinette Tie
3. The Executive Pocket Square

How to Enter: Like all both Facebook pages including The Durimels, and our Page, and comment on this post!

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4. Don’t forget to leave an unique comment on this post below! (Please use a valid email address as this is how we will validate your entry. Your email will remain private and will be used solely for the purpose of this giveaway)

All entries will close on Monday, March 18th at 11:59PM PST. Two random winners will be chosen and announced on the by the following Wednesday, March 20th. All countries and ages are eligible to enter. In the meantime, check out the rest of the editorial below. Good luck!

PSC Style as Rebellion 2
Jibril Durimel wearing the Honey Dew Ice Cream Tie and Golden SmileyPSC Style as Rebellion 3
Jalan Durimel wearing The Antoinette Tie, Jade Executive Pocket Square, and PSC Floral Silk ScarfPSC Style as Rebellion 4PSC Style as Rebellion 5PSC Style as Rebellion 6PSC Style as Rebellion 7PSC Style as Rebellion 8PSC Style as Rebellion 9PSC Style as Rebellion 10PSC Style as Rebellion 11PSC Style as Rebellion 12PSC Style as Rebellion 13PSC Style as Rebellion 14PSC Style as Rebellion 15PSC Style as Rebellion 16PSC Style as Rebellion 17PSC Style as Rebellion 18PSC Style as Rebellion 19

Pocket Square Clothing Honey-Dew Tie

Pocket Square Clothing Honey-Dew Tie



Editor’s Picks: March



Tailored staples for the classic enthusiast. Featuring The Diplomat Tie and The Ellington Pocket Square


psc dignitary looks


A pick for the refined gentleman not afraid to don pink. This outfit combines textural undertones and camouflage print to achieve a well balanced sartorial look. Featuring the Peach Raspberry Tie and The Corporal Pocket Square.


psc military look


This vintage inspired outfit plays with tweed and corduroy to achieve a sophisticated look. Featuring The Cherry Espresso Tie and The Colt Pocket Square.


psc vinatge look

Shop these pairs for $55 HERE

Style as Uniform – Rome Castille

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s style as uniform speaks to the oxymoron man, in this case, a man who wears suits but pairs them with caps. This man is a rapper and singer yet he wears suits, he likes looking fancy. Who is this man? This second of a three part video editorial features a man of style and grace, a man of swagger. He wears his uniform proudly; he is a revolutionary man, he is VII WINNERS’ Rome Castille. Set in the heart of South Los Angeles, a man of style emerges undeterred from his surroundings, he has embraced his gentlemanly attire.

“Style as uniform. Charles Baudelaire: “Dress like a bourgeoisie, think like a revolutionary.””

-Michael Bierut

Featured Music: Toy Light


Punctilio Project – A Closer Look

Meet Andre Power. The team had the pleasure of meeting him at his Steez Trunk Show event in San Diego, CA last month. Power is an emerging force in San Diego and is largely responsible for bringing the underground art and music community together in the city. Originally from Philadelphia, Andre’s been making a lot of noise in San Diego as an artist, creator, DJ, and just about everything he can get his hands on. He’s also one of the co-founders of the Punctilio Project and Soulection. Punctilio Project is a creative fashion/art project by Andre and his partner Eden. The project was created to offer people rare vintage and renewed clothing while providing them with an all around creative experience that includes style, art, and music. Andre also started his own music label, Soulection. The label features a set of carefully curated underground artists of San Diego’s beat scene with an aim to provide a unique audio and visual experience. Besides the Punctilio Project and Soulection, you can find him hosting a variety of events including Art in the Park, Steez, and Trill. If you’re in San Diego or just curious, Andre is definitely someone to keep on the lookout for. Hear more from Andre himself on our sit-down interview with him below.


Style as Destiny – Donovan Briggs

Inspired by Michael Bierut’s essay, Style: An Inventory, we look at style through an inventory which defines style as destiny, uniform, and trademark. Michael Bierut’s Style as destiny comes to an affirmative conclusion that style can only emerge through a process of authenticity, only then is one’s destiny revealed. This first of a three part video editorial features VII WINNERS‘ Creative Director Donovan Briggs. Set in the heart of South Los Angeles, a man of style emerges undeterred from his surroundings, he has embraced his gentlemanly attire.

“Style as destiny. Style was never discussed when I was a student. There was a vague sense that genuine style emerged unconsciously in its own time, like breasts or facial hair. Trying too hard would derail the process and result in something less than authentic. What a wonderful promise: within each of us is a unique voice that will reveal itself, but only through patience and practice. Use the force, Luke. Do or do not, there is no try.”

Michael Bierut


Yin & Yang – A Meeting of Creatives

A Meeting Of Creatives

This summer we had the chance to meet with Niran from London based blog Yin & Yang and SoCal based style bloggers Unyime Akpanudosen and Jonathan Barcelon of Expressions Realia, along with their photographer Thom Do. We first crossed paths with Niran through Twitter when he discovered our brand last year. Coming from different walks of life, we all drew a powerful connection together as like-minded individuals who shared similar creative philosophies. We had met as strangers in the Little Bear Cafe in the heart of LA’s Arts District, but we left together as new friends. We talked about our roots, inspirations, goals, and views on music, food, and style. Keep on the lookout for a future collaboration with Expressions Realia, and you may also see us visiting our friends in London very soon.


A Gentleman’s Manifesto – The Recording Artist

Rome Castille – VII WINNERS

VII WINNERS Recording Artist Rome Castille is no new face for the brand, his collection with PSC has been a big hit and the collaboration between the brands continue. This multi-part Editorial takes a closer look at several individuals so as to discover what style is to them and why they do what they do.

Download Mixtape


A Gentleman’s Manifesto – The Manager / Creative Director

Donovan Briggs – VII WINNERS

Creative Director of VII WINNERS, and Rome Castille’s Manager talks style with us. Briggs has been working closely with PSC for the past year and is set to drop a collection of pocket squares for PSC’s Floral Collection in the near future. This multi-part Editorial takes a closer look at several individuals so as to discover what style is to them and why they do what they do.


The Summer Collection Imagery – A Closer Look

The Summer Collection Mixtape – Rome Castille

The Summer Collection is a 19 track mixtape, including 2 bonus tracks. The collection is a well thought out summer essential that is sure to transition well into your fall playlist. Among several, the mixtape opens with a Kanye West sample which sets the mood for the rest of the mixtape. As a part of his visual package listeners will notice that each song has been assigned its own artwork. These visuals help illustrate his sense of style and serve as a lookbook into Rome’s multifaceted style and personality.

The Summer Collection is a testament to Rome Castille’s musical talents. The mixtape showcases his different styles of music in a well thought out transition from mellow classics to hyped party anthems.


Rome Castille Collection – Editorial

Designed for Pocket Square Clothing, the Rome Castille Collection is a manifestation of several collaborations. As his first fashion collaboration, Rome sought to use his style and energy to define the collection’s feel and color palette. In the collection you will find a mix of floral and tropical prints which were channeled from the style of his “The Summer Collection” mixtape. The Editorial piece finds Recording Artist Rome Castille and his Creative Director Donovan Briggs in the Los Angeles Arts District. If you recall it was home of our Instant Branding Project.

Visit Rome Castille’s Official Website At:

You can shop for the pieces of the Rome Castille Collection Here


Rome in a Day

A lot of exciting things are happening here at PSC and our collaboration with Rome Castille is one of them. The past couple weeks we’ve been working with Rome to produce a series of videos entitled “Rome in a Day” to help his fans get to know him and his music better. The series features five of his songs: Michael Phelps, Rebound, Skin, Acura Integurl, and Bigger Than Life. When coming up with the concept, we looked at the phrase “Rome was not built in a day.” Thus “Rome in a Day” was born. We expect big things for Rome for the upcoming year and are excited to see his popularity grow. See the full series at


Instant Branding – A New Model for the Pop-Up Shop

Admittedly our blog content has been lacking in the past weeks, and this is exactly why. I (Rodolfo) have been working on my architectural thesis, meaning I’m finally done with school. Hurray for me and the company! lol Let the expansion begin. If you recall, we posted a video about a super cool project named Pop-Up Hood, we took a great liking to the core values and premise under which it operates. As such, I looked to create a similar Pop-Up Shop condition which operated under similar principles – local made is good and it should be supported. The thesis aimed to create the ultimate Pop-Up shop via a generative process that created a proscribed kit of parts derived from needs of Pocket Square Clothing. These kit of parts were to allow for the ultimate bad ass in house design studio. Storefront, Showroom, Design Space and Workshop or Research and Development were to be all encompassing in the Pop-Up model. Simple was the goal, the more generic the module – the easier it becomes to brand – the more versatile it becomes.

PSCNY: The Documentary of a Dream

A lot has happened since last year, much was learned and much is to be expected this year. We’ve been hit up by a number of countries including Japan, South Korea, Canada, and several others in Europe. Future collaborations and new collections are also being thrown into the mix. The attention we’ve been getting has been phenomenal across all boards, we’ve been super busy as of late. With a healthy base here in LA, PSC’s second largest following is based opposite of the Mississippi in New York and New Jersey. We figured it was time to spread our wings and head out there to see what all the fuss over in NY was about. Check out our latest video entitled “The Documentary of a Dream,” which we’ve tailored to showcase our Cali swag.

Klein Epstein & Parker Editorial

Last week Rodolfo and I had the chance to collaborate with Klein Epstein & Parker on a photo shoot. KEP recently opened their first store on Robertson Blvd. They specialize in custom made to measure garments, but also offer a variety of ready-to-wear shoes, shirts, and accessories. If you’re looking for an affordable yet quality made to measure suit in LA, you’ve come to the right place. Their staff can help guide you with choosing the right fabric, buttons, lining, and the likes. We paired some of our new 2011 Winter Collection Ties and Pocket Squares with some of their merch for the photo shoot. Check out the images below.

SixHundred Los Angeles – Made in America

We visit Sixhundred for an exclusive interview. The boutique has been open for only 11 months and is located in the heart Downtown Los Angeles, a few steps away from shops, restaurants, and night life of the Art and Fashion Districts. The store was founded by owner Alan with the help of his friends, Oh and Kelly. They specialize and house the best local Los Angeles indie designers, and carry unique and vintage clothing and hard to find accessories. Did I mention they also carry Pocket Square bow ties? Watch our video and hear Oh talk more about how the store came to be and why they choose to carry local indie designers.

Limited Edition Bow Tie: The Strategist

As a celebration of our official website launch, we’re releasing our special limited edition bow tie: The Strategist! It will be available on our online shop for $60 and comes with a customized commemorative piece. We have a very small limited quantity, so get yours before they run out!